Wella Studio - Very rude AA receptions, making nasty comments about visitors! Low rate worker got a voice!

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if u are an employer, which searching job, pls, don't go there! I'm serious, don't waste your time.

I had an appointment there and was late 5 mins! Seriously 5 mins! This place is in Woodland Hiils, so u can imagine how far it's from civilization!

So I went there and was turned away by middle aged AA woman, because I was late like 5 mins. She was laughing and enjoying her power of low rate worker. It were another people, who came there before me and they were late like 2 mins..She send them away also and was making nasty comments to her coworker. I understand that this company don't care about their reputation and employers, who is going to work there..but anyway, is that normal behavior to u? Is it funny? Why middle aged overweight woman, desided that she is a boss there?

Anyway if they can't hire at least polite person, not some ghetto middle aged overweight receptionist, just shows their behavior and attitude to their potential employers, customers, students, clients, whatever..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.



Here is a suggestion. Don't be late.

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